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Social Media Management 

What we do: 

  • Platform management

    • Weekly posts, stories and reels to Facebook and Instagram

    • Hashtag creation

    • Taglines

  • Content development

    • Brand photos with products

    • Photo shoots with people interaction, people love to see people

    • Creating stories and reels: in store interaction

    • Promotions: Discounts or specials

    • Giveaways: Gift baskets, and product giveaways for community engagement

  • Social analytics

    • Everyone wants to see results

    • Provides reporting on community interaction and community response

  • Running paid social campaigns

    • Paid campaigns to reach targeted audience

    • In person events: Sip and Shop- collaboration with other companies- creates great content

  • Engagement and community management

    • Responding to social messages and inquiries

    • Interacting with customers through social, responding to post

    • Response time to community engagement

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